brings you House Mixes from Marz, Scheffie, Mula, TNTinus, Biels, and Doc Rogers

These are all full hour mixes or mashups in various styles mixed live or edited on a DAW. They where transmitted on air by Fresh FM, NRG Radio and Stad FM, CANTV Boliva and on the web by, Real Dance Radio (UK), Quest FM London and other webradio stations.
You can download them by choosing one of the options from the ‘Mixes’ button on the top menu or stream them directly on the Mix Player.

Our mixes and mashups are released on a non-regular base !

Don’t hesitate if you want to transmit one of these mixes on your radio station but give us some credits and send an email to

Clubmix 039 – Choco Creme

A new mix has arrived ! Clubmix 039 – Choco Creme is ready for downloading or listinging with the MixPlayer. It’s now possible to launch the Mixplayer in a seperate window. Click on the button above the MixPlayer at the right to open the new window. From the MIxplayer you can play mixes from Marz, Biels, Mula, Doc Rogers and Halilos directly !.
Enjoy !

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Sex Shooter Mixed by Halilos

On the birthday of TNTinus this month, I met DJ Halilos. On the speakers I heard some of his latest mixes he made…. and now he’s on with one of these mixes: Sex Shooter. More of his mixes are on slsk and I think in the future some more here !

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DJ Stef, Upcoming Dutch DJ would like to bring a new dutch upcoming DJ to your attention, DJ Stef. DJ Stef is only 13 years old at the moment ! Please check out his Youtube Channel ‘Mr Steffar’. We are waiting for his first full hour mix so we can publish it on this site !

Line up available for anniversary party

Next week on March 27th, the volunteer DJs meet each other at the Zuidoostbeemster to celebrate our very first year of djsyndicate webradio. We’re all going to play live for one or two hours using the technics or pioneer cd decks and we’re going to stream this live of course on

The kick-off stars around 13:00 hours CET with Marz vs Biels and then after an hour or so Hugo takes over and then Mister T and Zion. We might mess up the lineup due to unseen circumstances, but in fact it’s just because we want too:P Feel free to tune in on djsyndicate webradio. It’s going to be a special edition for sure… oh and here’s the line up:

17-19:  Zion
17-19:  Zion
17-19:  Zion
17-19:  Zion

Clubmix 038 – Spring is Coming ’10

Due to time and creativity, It took me some weeks to finish this mix. But the result is quite nice, i looped the end of the mix to the begin (so let the mix repeat on your Ipod :-)

Clubmix 038 is a uptempo housemix with new tracks of the last two months. You can download it in our download section or listen it directly from the Mix Player: Please enjoy !

Clubmix 037 – Retro Remix Mix

This mix is a compiled out of old tracks, rerelased in the last months of the summer of 2009 with one ore two exeptions. Last august i losted my mother so i like to dedicate this mix to her, For sure she did’nt like most of the tracks of this mix because she did’nt like house at all !

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