Doc Rogers

Doc Rogers (Remco Ruijgers) started in 1987 as a DJ and Producer. This was the time that Soul, R&B and Hip Hop were the favourite sounds of his. Inspired by the “Bond van Doorstarters” in the Soul Show of Ferry Maat Doc Rogers produced some mixes which were transmitted in 1990 and 2004 on Dutch Radio 3 end Radio Veronica. Doc Rogers first DJ Booth Championships were on Avro’s “3 maal Doordraai” van Robin Alberts on national radio and the DMC Dutch DJ Championship in 1990. He ended this championship as 5th under the name “DJ Rampage”.
Since 1993 he played on several parties and club’s so as “Now and Wow”, “De Heemkade”, “De Melkweg” , is the resident of “Lorre” in Delft and “De Buddha Bar” in Den Haag. International he did his tricks in Belgium, France, Germany and Ibiza.
His radio career started in 1985 for the Hospital Chanel “RAZO” and in 1992 he moved to Radio Delft. From 1997 he started at NRG 106.3 FM where he presented several shows. The Pre-party show “The Dance floor” was one these. DJ’s as Ronald Molendijk, Michel de Hey and Mark van Dale were his guests in this show. Also other dj’s did there tricks here like Marz, Mula and Biels.The theme of Doc Rogers: “It’s gotta be dirty sexy and funky as hell…!”

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