Diezjee aka Mutti

We welcome Diezjee aka Muttie back online with a new Mix. It’s a uptempo Eurobeat/Trance mix of about 2 hour, Transan – A Happy Journey

Tracklist: Marc Johnson – Block Party
Paffendorf – Be Cool Cortina – Music Is Moving (BK & Dbm Amber Mix)
Lock _N_ Load – Blow Ya Mind
Cosmic Gate – Fire Wire (KlubdoctorZ Remix)
Public Domain Feat. Chuck D – Chuck D (Rock Da Funky Beats)
Future Breeze – Temple Of Dreams (Instrumental Club)
Yomanda – You Are Free (Synth Mix)
Warrior – Warrior
DJ Choose & Tomcraft – Brainwashed (Call You)
Svenson & Gielen – The Beauty Of Silence
Decoy & Roy – Inner Life (Nord vs Bonka Remix)
Pierre Van Helvig – Ghetto Blaster (Kris & Sy Remix)
Public Domain – Operation Blade
BK – Revolution
Darren Styles & Mark Breeze – Let Me Fly (Ilogik Remix)
Airhead – Dubble Bubble

Click the thumb for the full cover