Clubmix 104 – ABYSS 24/08/2020

Abyss show for Quest London Radio date 24-08-2020
One hour 13 Tracks, Melodic Techno and Tech House

Xinobi, Vaarwell – Fire (Original Mix)
Yotto – Daydreaming (Extended Mix)
HOSH, 1979, Jalja – Midnight (Original Mix)
Alberth, Erly Tepshi – Valhalla (Original Mix)
Nora En Pure – Bartok (Extended Mix)
Alberth, Erly Tepshi – Valhalla (Original Mix)
ARTBAT – Upperground (Original Mix)
Brigado Crew, Crisstiano – Nostalgija (Original Mix)
Ross Quinn – Away With Me (Fideles Remix)
Tom Staar, Diana Miro, AVIRA – In My Soul feat. Diana Miro (Extended Mix)
Haptic, OIBAF&WALLEN – Lost Connection (Binaryh Remix)
Norman Doray, Piem – Give It Up (Extended Mix)
Daniel Stefanik – Deep Inside (Andrea Oliva Remix)


This show was 97th in the global tech chart.

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