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Clubmix 043 – H.O.U.S.E

Hi there…
This latest clubmix has a lot of Hed Kandi influences and contains some of there releases. For example a juiced up version of Petalpusher – Relay on Me (Aquanote Vocal Voyage), which is one of my favorites.

{jd_file file==Clubmix 043 – H.O.U.S.E}



Biels has been playing vinyl for a couple of years now. He used to play his music at home, however djsyndicate.org gave him the opportunity to play live on the net. Nice! Last year he started broadcasting his own show on the friday nights. It was a big success because he’s got fans listening from Jakarta to Puerto Vallarta:P

About his music style. He’s got his weekly routine to browse through the techno catalog and look for anything that fits in his set. His favorite labels at the moment are sino, delsin and rushhour. Check out the upcoming events for spin dates and timetable. Biels plays every other week on the show on http://www.djsyndicate.orgcalled ‘Between the Stars’ on friday nights from 22:00 till 00:00 (GMT+1).

Roy de Best

Roy de Best is a straight-on Dutch guy, born and raised in Scheveningen, near Den Haag. He was always eally curious about music since he was a small boy, but at the age of 13 when he saw a DJ for the first time, his destination revealed itself to him; he wanted to be a DJ. After serveral uyears of practice as a Bedroom DJ and learning the bits and wils from his expamples like Pavo and Thilo, Roy is prinning records for some years. Roys main thing is with Hardsyle, but also of Jumpstyle and Schranz are sytles that arent any problem for him: this man knows his styles!
His productions, which take a lot of recent time, show this mixture of styles. With all these things, Roy de Best is now a local hero in Den Haag and surrounding cities. Roy was on the line-up with DJs as Gizmo, Thilo, Luna, Deepack, Pavo and Zany at “Asta” and “De Marathon” in Den Haag and serveral other places like Purmerend and Enkhuizen. In 2008 he has shown his capacities in Poland a few times and next year England will follow.
You can book Roy de Best trough Elusive Agency and has his own site on www.roydebest.nl

DJ Marz

DJ Marz started mixing in 1985 as a resedent DJ for a youth fraternity called Octopus. In those years he organized with the volunteers of Octopus serveral big parties for the municipality to have the youth out of the streets with events like “old years evening”. Also he was active with the Paradise Drive-in Show on birthdays, parties and weddings. From the nineties till 2002 he organized and played at the “Trancemission Parties” with Mula (Mol) in Delft.
His radio career started also in 1985 as “Bep van Spronsen” for a piratestation Paradise Radio. He produced in that time some infoclips for Radio Delft and the WOS with Berry van Buuren. In ’95 the reunion broadcast of this piratestation was the end of this station. In the beginning of 2000 DJ Marz did some guest performance in the show “The Dance Floor” of Doc Rogers at NRG 106.3 FM and Stad FM Delft.
Beside mixing live DJ Marz has a passion for producing mixes and mash ups. He started with some SL 1200 turntables, an Akai S900 and a 38 cm. Revox tape deck. Nowadays it’s all digital and the mixes are know as Clubmix 0XX. These mixes were broadcasted in several countries like the Netherlands, Venezula, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Belgium.
DJ Marz has now a professional career as an IT Consultant but still music is a part of his life and expresses this by releasing mixes, do some live mixing on little parties and hosting mixes of his friends on www.djmarz.com.

Doc Rogers

Doc Rogers (Remco Ruijgers) started in 1987 as a DJ and Producer. This was the time that Soul, R&B and Hip Hop were the favourite sounds of his. Inspired by the “Bond van Doorstarters” in the Soul Show of Ferry Maat Doc Rogers produced some mixes which were transmitted in 1990 and 2004 on Dutch Radio 3 end Radio Veronica. Doc Rogers first DJ Booth Championships were on Avro’s “3 maal Doordraai” van Robin Alberts on national radio and the DMC Dutch DJ Championship in 1990. He ended this championship as 5th under the name “DJ Rampage”.
Since 1993 he played on several parties and club’s so as “Now and Wow”, “De Heemkade”, “De Melkweg” , is the resident of “Lorre” in Delft and “De Buddha Bar” in Den Haag. International he did his tricks in Belgium, France, Germany and Ibiza.
His radio career started in 1985 for the Hospital Chanel “RAZO” and in 1992 he moved to Radio Delft. From 1997 he started at NRG 106.3 FM where he presented several shows. The Pre-party show “The Dance floor” was one these. DJ’s as Ronald Molendijk, Michel de Hey and Mark van Dale were his guests in this show. Also other DJMarz.com dj’s did there tricks here like Marz, Mula and Biels.The theme of Doc Rogers: “It’s gotta be dirty sexy and funky as hell…!”

Doc Rogers has his own site: www.docrogers.nl

My House Marz MashUp

I made a mashup with Moss Project – House (Fratty & Burra Moss Mix), Tom Novy – My House (Micha Daniels EClass Remix) and the original accapela from Jungle Brothers – I’ll House You…