Clubmix 009 – R2Dance2 Edition

Ron Carrol – The Sermon
Lisa Shaw – Always (Lovetronic Vocal Mix)
Miguel Migs – Petalpushing
Soulstice – Fall Into You (Miguel Migs Petalpusher Vocal)
Prod G & B Feat Carlos Santana – Dirty Dancing (Robbie Rivera Deep Mix)
Claudio Coccoluto – Blues brunch
Sandy Rivera Feat. Haze – Changes (Ben Watt Mix)
Bent – Magic Love (Ashley Beedle┬┤s Black Magic Vocal)
Soul Avengers feat Kat Blu – I Cant Stop (Full Intention Mix)
Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People (Junior Vasquez Earth Mix)
Dirty Tricks vs. The Turntable Orchestra – Gonna Miss Me (Soul Avengers Mix)
David Morales vs. Jocelyn Brown-winners (Promo Mix)
High Contrast – Music Is Everything (Jason Jinx Vocal)
Danny Howells ft. Erire – Dusk Til Dawn (9PM Club Mix)
Fac 15 ft. Cathi Ogden – havent You Heard (Club Mix)

Clubmix 007 – Brighter Days Edition

01 – Nathan Haines – Earth Is the Place( Jon Cutler Distant Music Mix)
02 – ATFC – Sleep Talk (DJ Meri Vocal Mix)
03 – The Ones – Superstar (A Touch Of Class Extended Mix)
04 – Jon Cutler feat E-man – It?s Yours (Jay J?s Vocal Mix)
05 – Jezebels Addiction & Michelle Weeks – Believe In Love (Main Vocal Mix)
06 – Dj Chus pres Groove Foundation – That Feeling
07 – Akabu ft.Linda Clifford – Ride The Storm (Joey Negro Accapella)
08 – X-Press 2 – Call That Love (Radio Slave Mix)
09 – Rockets – On The Road Again 2003 (Bini & Martini OceanTrax Mix)
10 – Duel ft. Candyman – Psycho Friend (JAS Remix)
11 – Rob Dougan – Furious Angels (Oliver Klein Mix)
12 – Laurent Wolf ft. Well Talmer – Together (Original Mix)
13 – Layo and Bushwacka – Deep South (Mr. C Remix)

Clubmix 006 – Early Spring Edition

01 – DJ John Julius Knight – My Mind
02 – Kings of Tommorow – Changes (Unfinished Mix)
03 – 2Bfunk – 2BFunk (All The Presidents Men Funk 2 Mix)
04 – Harley And Muscle ft. Gerideau – Must Be The Music (Phunk Mix)
05 – Bini & Martini Pr. Power Flower ft. Su Su Bobien – Say Yes (Bini & Martini Anthem Mix)
06 – The Demetrios Project – Feel Alive (Jamie Lewis Feel The Vibe Mix)
07 – Praise Cats – Shined On Me (Bini & Martini Remix)
08 – The Other Two – You Can Fly (Cevin Fisher Mile High Club Mix)
09 – Therese – Monkey (Stonebridge Extended Remix)
10 – Boris Dlugosch ft. Roisin Murphy – Never Enough (Chocolate Puma mix)
11 – Fab Four ft. Robert Owens – Last Night A DJ Blew My Mind (Different Gear Club Mix)

Clubmix 005 – Calpe (ES) Edition

01. PQM – You are Sleeping (Original Mix)
02. Ty-Tek – Audio Thunder
03. Sidechained – Cityscape
04. Fred Numf vs. Etienne Overdijk – Jamaica Skunk (Original Mix)
05. Casselle and Christopher – Midnight Sun (John Ciafone Mix)
06. Space Manoeuvres – Pluto Disko (Mike Monday Mix)
07. Filterheadz – The One Who Got Caught (Original Mix)
08. Alexander Church – Welcome to My World (Mark Wheawill Remix)
09. Oli Cohen – The Switch (Original Mix)
10. Timo Maas presents Mad Dogs – Better Make Room (James Holden Remix)
11. Allen and Healey – Head Over Heals

Clubmix 004

Timo Maas & Kelis – Help Me (Sono’s First Aid Mix)
Haktan – SUBFREAKIE (Timo Maas Remix)
Unplayed – Deep Sleep (Original)
Luke Fair – Let U Know (Bedrock Black Promo)
DeLacey – Hideaway (That Kid Chris Mix)
Tony Thomas – Love Break Filta – Anaconda (Quantum Remix)
Mark Russell – Corporate America (Syndicate Mix)
Kid Kreme – Hypnotizing (Noferini Destination Drums Remix)
Sinesweeper vs. Dj Laika – Overdrive (Montilla Remix)
Color Freq – Mind Lattice (Original Mix)
Andy Moor ft. Lianne Brookson – No More (Original Mix)
Procut – Feel So Right (MAS Collective Remix)
Cevin Fisher ft. Mona Monet – Keep It Coming (CF’s Power Vocal Mix)
Chris Cowie – House of God
TDR – Squelch (Original Mix)
Electric Tease – Feel The Funk (Saeed & Palash Remix)

Clubmix 003

Raven Maize – The Real Life (Intro)
Jean Jacques Smoothie – Love And Evil (Brotha Brown Main Mix)
Robbie Rivera ft. Billy Paul – Sex
Tom Novy ft Sabrynaah Pope – It’s Over (Audio Drive’s Vocal Mix)
Hakan Lidbo ft. 2Mhz – Bad Girls Go To Hell (Phunk Investigation Club Mix)
Lil’ Mo Yin Yang – Reach (Little More Mix)
ATFC – Different Strokes
Rivera & Trattner – Deep Into The Night
Tijuana – Groove is in the Air
Agent Sumo – Sunflowers (Peace Division Remix)
Foremost Poest – Moonraker
Force Mass Motion vs Dylan Rhymes – Hold Back
Neve – Sacrifice (Steve Lawler Remix)
Dj Rasoul – Oh Baby (Chus & Ceballos Iberican Mix)
Nick Dem Q – Write On (Original Mix)
DJ Nukem – Music Play
Peace Division – Lose Your Mind (In Your Soul)
Superchumbo – Irresistible (Maurel and Fauvrelle Less Mix)
Robbie Tronco – Walk 4 Me (Peace Division mix)
Heller and Farley – Deep Sensation (Peace Division Mix)
FischerSpooner – Emerge (Naughty’s Peaktime Mix)

Clubmix 002

Sono – Blame
Narcotic Thrust – Safe From Harm (Main Club Mix)
DJ Antoine vs Mad Mark pres. Pizza Boys – La Chitara
Steve Lawler – Andante (Taiko Vocal Mix)
Depeche Mode – Only When I Loose Myself (Lexicon Avenue Remix)
Son Kite – Aiwana (Marz’s Martin Remix)
Carlos Manaca, Chus & Ceballos – The Strong Rhythm (Wally Lopez & Dr.Kucho Remix)
David James – Always – A Permanent State (Original Mix)
Pete Lazonby – Sacred Cycles (Quivver Mix)
Hardy Heller V’s Inkfish – Feelings (Inkfish Remix)
Blackwatch – Word Unspoken (Jas’ Ego Mopping Mayhem Mix)
DJ Nukem – Secrets (Vocal)

Clubmix 001

Lego – El Ritmo De Verdad
ATFC – Ready to Roll
Salsa Musika – Never Mind The Bollocks.. (Soul Avengers Mix)
Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero – Night @ Black
DJ Roog – Chew Fu Phat
DJ Sneak – Keep on Groovin’ (Ian Pooley Remix)
Jon Cutler feat. E-Man – It’s Yours
Eddie Amadore – House Music (Ian Pooley Remix)
Tim DeLuxe – We All Love Sax
Ian Pooley feat. Esthero – Balmes (New Vocal Mix)
Roger Sanchez feat. Armand van Helden & N’dea – You Can’t Change Me
Mint Royale – Sexiest Man in Jamaica
Eddie Amadore – Psycho X-Girlfriend
Eric Gadd – The Right Way

Welcome brings you House Mixes from Marz, Scheffie, Mula, TNTinus, Biels, and Doc Rogers

These are all full hour mixes or mashups in various styles mixed live or edited on a DAW. They where transmitted on air by Fresh FM, NRG Radio and Stad FM, CANTV Boliva and on the web by, Real Dance Radio (UK), Quest FM London, FNOOB Techno, Militia Underground, Nova FM, House-Tec, Underground Frequency and other web radio stations.

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